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Welcome to the Onondaga Environmental Institute

The Onondaga Environmental Institute is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance environmental research, education, planning, and restoration in Central New York.


OEI serves as fiscal sponsor to the Partnership for Onondaga Creek and Onondaga Earth Corps, as OEI’s mission and the respective mission of each organization are supportive of one another.

Latest Project

Onondaga Lake Watershed Community Forum: Post forum follow up information

petermichelCheck out Pete Michel's latest art piece "Honoring the Onondaga Creek". It has been installed along the banks of Onondaga Creek at Meachem Field.

Onondaga Lake Community Education Materials

pavrwrkshpPorous Pavement in Cold Climates: A Workshop

OEI Would like to congratulate the Onondaga Nation on the release of their Vision for a Clean Onondaga Lake. OEI supports the Onondaga Nation's Vision. Please follow the link to the Onondaga Nation's website to read their Vision.


March 1, 2011 Deadline for the Onondaga Lake watershed community to submit Onondaga Lake Partnership Mini Grant applications. OEI administers the Mini Grant program on behalf of the Onondaga Lake Partnership, with funds from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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