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Onondaga Lake Partnership Committees and OEI





Goal:  OEI maintains a working relationship with the Onondaga Lake Partnership, a federally mandated organization of six government agencies and other organizations.
The OLP approves the allocation of government funds to projects of benefit to Onondaga Lake and its watershed.  OEI is the project administrator for the OLP grants funded by the US EPA.

Activities or products

  • OEI provides a representative to attend each meeting of the OLP Project Committee and the OLP Outreach Committee. 
  • OEI provides the committees with updates of the progress of grants approved by the OLP. The committees receive read-aheads of relevant materials for their meetings.
  • Working with the USEPA Project Manager, OEI assists with the preparation of Motions and Resolutions that affect the USEPA grants.
  • OEI provides financial reports and works with the OLP in the budgeting process.
  • OEI’s role requires some familiarity with the regulatory components of the grants. 

Successful Outcomes and future expectations: OEI has diligently sought effective communications with the OLP. Of particular interest to the OLP currently are the development of a the Onondaga Creek Conceptual Revitalization Plan, scientific peer review of the development of the Onondaga Lake Water Quality Model, remediation of Tully Valley mud boils, OLP mini-grants to grass roots groups and World Water Monitoring Day.

OEI Organizational Capability: OEI participates in a communication process and supplies an information base on use of US EPA funds in OLP approved projects. OEI’s staff work with representatives of federal, state and local governments.