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A Guide to The Onondaga Nation’s Vision for a Clean Onondaga Lake is a curriculum resource for Middle School teachers developed by the Onondaga Environmental Institute. The Onondaga Nation’s Vision offers a very detailed picture of what Onondaga Lake could look like in the future and how we could change our relationships with the lake and its non-human inhabitants. It is available on the Onondaga Nation’s website or you can request paper copies from the Onondaga Nation Communications Office (3951 Rte 11, Nedrow, NY 13120) at 315-492-1922 or ononcomm[at]gmail.com.

This guide includes curriculum for a single unit comprised of nine separate lessons that assist students in reading, understanding, and appreciating the Onondaga Nation’s Vision. The unit was designed so that educators in different subject areas could each teach the lessons related to their respective subject matter (3 Social Studies lessons, 4 Science lessons, 1 English lesson, and optional unit extensions for Art classes). The individual lesson plans build upon previous lessons, including those taught in other subjects. In the event that team teaching is not possible, alternative lesson plans are provided.

Each lesson plan includes a list of the New York State Learning Standards, Common Core State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards with which it is aligned. Visual aids and student worksheets are provided in the guide itself. They may also be downloaded from the Links below as individual files or as a student “workbook” (Lesson Packet). The latter may prove useful for keeping track of student papers if the unit is being team-taught.

Much of the information in this guide is included in a Powerpoint presentation titled “Re-imagining the Future of Onondaga Lake.”

Questions about this material may be directed to:
Onondaga Environmental Institute


Maps.zip 135 MBs
Social Studies -
Lesson 1

Historic Memory Gamecards
Historic Memory Gamecards - Answer Key
Onondaga Lake Watershed before Mid 1700s (reading)
Onondaga Lake Watershed before Mid 1700s (worksheet)
Onondaga Lake Watershed before Mid 1700s (answer key)
110 MBs
2 MBs
2.5 MBs
2.8 MBs
110 KBs
140 KBs
Social Studies -
Lesson 2

Onondaga Lake Watershed After the Mid 1700s (reading)
Onondaga Lake Watershed After the Mid 1700s (worksheet)
Onondaga Lake Watershed After the Mid 1700s (answer key)
136 MBs
3.3 MBs
120 KBs
150 KBs
Social Studies -
Lesson 3
Onondaga Nation and Onondaga Lake (reading)
Onondaga Nation and Onondaga Lake (worksheet)
Onondaga Nation and Onondaga Lake (answer key)
1.2 MBs
117 KBs
1.2 MBs
Science -
Lesson 1

Aquatic Food Web Fish (worksheet)
Aquatic Food Web Notetaking Guide
Aquatic Food Web Notetaking Guide(answer key)
Aquatic Food Web (worksheet)
Aquatic Food Web (worksheet answer key)
Example of Food Chain and Food Web
Flows of Energy and Nutrients through Aquatic Ecosystems
How Do Aquatic Organisms Get Oxygen
Samples Completed Aquatic Food Web worksheet
Sample Completed Aquatic Food Web
62 KBs
870 KBs
650 KBs
62 KBs
87 KBs
288 KBs
370 KBs
355 KBs
51 KBs
785 KBs
Science -
Lesson 2

Industrial Pollution Notetaking Guide
Industrial Pollution Notetaking Guide (answer key)
Onondaga Lake Industrial Pollution Map
Point and Non-point Source Pollution
Pollution Overview Notetaking Guide
Pollution Overview Notetaking Guide (answer key)
What is Bioaccumulation
348 KBs
346 KBs
16.2 MBs
2.6 MBs
1.3 MBs
1.3 MBs
312 KBs
Science -
Lesson 3

Combined Sewer Overflow
Green Infrastructure Research Project (handout)
Municipal [Sewage] Pollution Notetaking Guide
Municipal [Sewage] Pollution Notetaking Guide (answer key)
What is Eutrophication
51 KBs
71 KBs
283 KBs
280 KBs
353 KBs
Science -
Lesson 4

Measuring Turbidity (worksheet)
Mudboils Location Map
Mudboils Notetaking Guide
Mudboils Notetaking Guide (answer key)
Tully Valley Mudboils (Power Point)
Tully Valley Mudboils
72 KBs
308 KBs
786 KBs
786 KBs
2.9 MBs
660 KBs
English Vision Companion Glossary 250 KBs